Train The Trainers

If you are looking to gain the skills and experience to develop language teachers, From Teacher to Trainer, combines theory with practical guidance to explore a range of techniques and strategies that can be applied in any training context, then this course must be for you!

“Train The Trainers Course”
Professional development for English language teachers and trainers.
The “Train The Trainers Course” from Cambridge English Assessment, will help to improve both the training and English language skills of teachers.

* There are six modules in the “Train The Trainers Course”, All six modules have a practical focus.

— About the course : –

1- The training class .
– Participants will understand key issues in trainer development.

2- Analysing and designing training sessions.
– Participants will have developed skills to plan effective teacher training sessions.

3- Delivering training sessions.
-Participants will have developed the skills to deliver effective teacher training sessions.

4- Observing teachers.
-Participants will have developed an understanding of good practice in observing teachers.

5- Managing feedback .
– Participants will be able to give supportive feedback to teachers and prioritise key strengths and areas for development.

6- Course planning and trainer development .
– Participants will be able to design courses and an action plan for their further development as a trainer.

There are approximately 30 hours of face-to-face contact time and 10 hours of preparation TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Cambridge English.

TKT ( Teaching Knowledge Test ) from Cambridge English Assessment .

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